What's New 2021- Patio Renaissance- Cabrillo & Cologne

2:40 PM

 Patio Renaissance

Patio Renaissance is one of the many brands that Out on the Patio carries. We are excited to showcase some of their collections that will make it to our showroom in 2021. 


Cabrillo collection captures the unmatched hallmark of Danish quality and craftsmanship in furniture design with its distinctive neoclassical Nordic look. Cabrillo pairs clean architectural lines with fashion forward comfort, making it an ideal choice for your outdoor life. From modern Metro to magnificent mansion, this collection beams European taste and style.


This sleek modern low-profile European collection with its curved frame and multi-dimensional rope forms a striking silhouette visible from all angles. Its striking design and plush cushions make Cologne the best in class for design and comfort. The rope material is specifically designed and engineered for outdoor use. It is weather resistant, UV resistant, and environmentally friendly. This group will be arriving soon with a Graphite Finish and Grey Rope.

Here at Out on the Patio, we desire to bring your patio or backyard area a fresh, modern look. These new Patio Renaissance collections will do just that. Be sure to visit our website and social media channels to see more of our various collections and new arrivals. Follow us at @outonthepatio_


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